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Dog ‘Euthanized’ Moments Before Foster Home Arrival, Tragic-Ending Leave a comment

In a deeply saddening turn of events, a dog named Stanley was euthanized on Monday, mere hours before he was slated to be transferred to a foster home.

The incident involved Proving Animals Are Worth Saving (PAAWS), a dedicated organization that coordinates foster homes for rescue animals in Indiana. PAAWS revealed that Stanley was all prepared for his new beginning. However, a breakdown in communication resulted in the premature euthanization of Stanley by Evansville Animal Control before the transfer could take place.

Julie Frazier, the treasurer of PAAWS, lamented the situation, stating that Stanley had been placed under the care of animal control on Friday, and by Sunday, PAAWS had successfully arranged a foster home for him. Frazier expressed her heartache, emphasizing how devastating it was, knowing Stanley was on the brink of a fresh start.


Image/Story Source Credit: 44 News Evansville via YouTube Video


She recounted how they had notified the shelter on Sunday via voicemail about their readiness to take Stanley into their care. Todd Robertson, the director of transportation and services in Evansville, pointed out the unfortunate timing of events. He explained the grim reality of animal control duties, noting that euthanasia procedures are conducted early in the morning.

Robertson added that during those early hours, the facility isn’t staffed to handle incoming calls, leaving any communication attempts unanswered until later in the morning. He also noted that Stanley was prioritized for euthanasia due to behavioral issues, a point that Frazier acknowledged but attributed to the stress Stanley faced in the unfamiliar environment of the shelter.

Both Frazier and Robertson concurred that the underlying issue extends beyond the individual tragedy of Stanley. They highlighted a broader community issue, emphasizing the drastic shift from the peak of the pandemic when shelters were emptied as individuals adopted pets while spending more time at home. The recent trend of these pets being returned has overwhelmed the shelters.


Image/Story Source Credit: 44 News Evansville via YouTube Video


Frazier pointed out that the shelter’s limited capacity, with fewer kennels compared to other facilities in nearby regions, exacerbated the situation.

Robertson stressed the importance of responsible pet ownership, underscoring the need for spaying and neutering pets and ensuring lifelong care. He argued that expanding the facility would offer minimal relief without addressing the root of the problem – the increasing number of animals needing shelter.

In the wake of this unfortunate incident, the Vanderburgh Humane Society issued a statement via Facebook supporting Evansville Animal Control. They called for accountability, pointing the finger at those who fail to spay or neuter their pets and at pet owners who relinquish their animals when they become inconvenient, contributing to the ongoing crisis in animal shelters.

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