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The Aussiedoodle (Australian Shepherd/Poodle mix) is one of the most popular designer dog breeds. But is it right for your family? Find out in our guide!

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The Aussiedoodle is taking Instagram by storm and is only sure to keep gaining popularity due to its fantastic personality and super cute appearance! A mix between an Australian Shepherd and a Poodle, this relatively new designer breed is very intelligent and loyal. They make fantastic family pets! Aussiedoodles are also great therapy dogs too. Their trainability and eagerness to learn make them great candidates for serving others! If you are looking for a really intelligent and irresistibly cute pup, keep reading to find out if this breed is right for you. 

https://www.dogvills.com/aussiedoodle-dog-breed-guide/Aussiedoodle Dog Breed Guide: All About the Australian Shepherd/Poodle Mix
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Average Weight
20-75 lbs

Average Height
14-25 in

Lower allergens than most breeds, but not totally hypoallergenic

Varies based on their parents- can be curly, straight, wavy and many colors


Medium maintenance 

ow to moderate

Good with kids?

Good with cats?

Good with other dogs?

Tolerates being alone
For a short time but can develop separation anxiety

Tolerates apartment life

Very trainable

People pleaser?

Exercise Needs

Health Concerns
Hip dysplasia, sensitivity to flea and tick medication 

Life Span
12-15 years

Average cost

Fun Facts About the  Aussiedoodle

These guys are really smart! They require a lot of mental stimulation.
They are great at agility exercises and even flyball!
Aussiedoodles are also commonly known as Aussiepoos!


The Aussiedoodle was first mixed in the late 1990’s, maybe even the early 2000’s (the exact date is unknown). It is believed that they originated right here in North America. Bred to hopefully highlight the best of both breeds, Aussiedoodles are lovers of all things agility and just plain adorable! Due to the coat of a Poodle, they are generally pretty low on the allergy scale too. 


As with all mixed-breed dogs, figuring out what your Aussiedoodle will look like means looking at the parents, first.

Let’s start with the Australian Shephard…

These guys have a soft and smooth coat. They can be seen in blue or red merle or red or black tricolor. Most also have tan and white patches too. Their coats are thick and full with some feathering on their legs. They are usually about 18-23 inches tall and weigh about 40 to 60 pounds. 

Australian Shepherd

Now on to the Poodle…

Poodles have a very elegant look. They are well groomed and neat looking. They come in a variety of sizes, including:

 Standard Poodle is typically about 15 inches high.
Miniature Poodle is typically between 10 and 15 inches high,
Toy Poodle is under 10 inches high.

Their coats are curly and coarse as well as dense and corded. Oftentimes, owners will give their Poodles very fancy haircuts, especially if they show their dogs. Poodles also have a wide variety of coloring in their coats. They can be seen in blue, gray, silver, brown, tan and cream. Typically, they are all one color, but there can sometimes be variations in their coat too. 


When you combine an Australian Shepherd and a Poodle…

These sweet pups can vary quite a bit in appearance. They can be a variety of sizes, due to the variation in their parents. They can be a toy size, miniature or standard, all depending on the size of the Poodle parent.

They also can be found in quite a few colors. Their Australian Shepherd parent can bring many colors to the table, along with presenting several colors in one dog. Their colors can vary with any combination of black, brown, white, blue, tan, gray, cream and white.

Their coat can be curly, like their Poodle parent, more straight, like their Aussie parent or fall somewhere in between! Despite the variety in their appearance, you can be sure your Aussiedoodle will be cute as a button!


Let’s start with the Australian Shephard again…

So loveable! This breed is very intelligent and active. They are easy going and love to play with kids and other pets too! They are quick learners and work hard to please their owners. They are not considered aggressive but they can be protective of their families and will make their presence known! 

Now on to the Poodle…

These guys are very proud and intelligent! They make great watch dogs, they can be a little over protective of their family. This can be seen with a lot of barking, but early training can help here! They are loyal and energetic and make a fantastic companion. 

When you combine an Australian Shepherd and a Poodle..

Give them a job and they will be thrilled! Their working instincts will make them eager to accomplish any task for you! They are high energy and love having other animals and kids to play with too. Socializing them young will ensure they are well acclimated to various social situations. You may have to train their herding instincts out of them or they may try to herd small children and other pets!

Aussiedoodle (Australian Shepherd/Poodle mix)


Yes! This breed has the instinct to work. They will thrive on having a job to do to please you! They are eager and loyal and will work hard to accomplish any task you give them. They are highly intelligent and love a challenge. Using positive reinforcement will help them succeed and work even harder. Especially if you start training at a young age, these guys will mesh really well with your family!


Like other mixed breeds, Aussiedoodles are pretty healthy. One thing to watch for is hip dysplasia. Another issue these guys may have is sensitivity to certain flea and tick medications. Consult your vet on both of these! Making sure to bring your pooch in for all their preventative care appointments and shots is key to making sure they are in tip top shape! Early detection of an issue, in any breed, is paramount in helping your Aussiedoodle live a long and healthy life!

With any breed that’s prone to hip problems, I always recommend using a great joint supplement, like Vet Naturals. They have a few different supplements that are perfect for Aussiedoodles, including their Hemp & Hips Senior Large Breed (which is actually great for dogs of all ages).

Vet Naturals


Let’s go over a few basic tips for keeping your Australian Shepherd/Poodle in great health.


Aussiedoodles like to stay busy! Giving them the exercise and mental stimulation they need will help them be their best. They love to be social and will really benefit from socializing with other dogs, people and animals from a young age. Bring them along to the dog park to stretch their legs and meet some friends. They love walks and games of fetch, as well as games that challenge their mind.

If they don’t get enough exercise, like most dogs, they can become destructive. That’s not their fault, they just need a proper way to channel their energy. Providing an outlet will help curb that for sure. 


Due to the variety in the size of this mixed breed, their nutritional needs can vary quite a bit as well. If their poodle parent is a standard poodle, they may need a large breed blend of food. On the same line, if their Poodle parent is a Toy Poodle, they may need a small breed dog food. Definitely consult your vet regarding your specific pooch to get exactly what is best for them!

Something to watch for in larger Aussiedoodles is bloat. Larger breeds can suffer from this. Smaller, more frequent meals can help with this! 


Due to the various types of coats they may present, grooming can vary a little. For the most part, they are medium maintenance pooches. Regular brushing can keep the knots and mats at bay. They really only need to be bathed when they get dirty, too much bathing can dry out their skin. A regular haircut, to keep the fur out of their eyes will help them see and keep their coat looking spiffy too!

As with all pups, proper oral care is really important. Keeping their teeth and gums clean is essential to preventing oral issues. Brushing with a dog safe toothpaste often will keep their smile healthy. Always consult your vet as well, for their best advice on oral care for your pet. Keeping nails trimmed and ears clean are essential too. 

The Aussiedoodle (Australian Shepherd/Poodle mix) is one of the most popular designer dog breeds. But is it right for your family? Find out in our guide!


Aussiedoodles are a hearty breed! They will give you over a decade of love and companionship! Typically, they live about 12-15 years. While this can vary, like in any breed, they are really healthy. With regular trips to the vet for routine and preventative care, a healthy diet and lots of mental and physical exercise, you are giving your furry family member the best path to a long healthy life! 


I always recommend adopting your new best friend from a shelter! So many dogs need a second (or third…) forever home and these shelters are full of amazing pups who just want to be loved! It’s definitely possible to find this breed in a shelter or rescue. So, if you do have your heart set on this breed, definitely call or look at local shelters and rescues, and, with a little patience, you will most likely find one! 

PetFinder is a fantastic resource for starting your search to rescue your newest family member! You could also check out ASPCA, a nationwide database of adoptable pets!


While I always recommend adopting or rescuing (did I already mention that??…), you can expect to pay anywhere from $1200-$3000 for an Aussiedoodles from a breeder. Typically they fall right around $2500. This designer breed is definitely more costly than most! 

It’s really important to make sure to do your research! If you find a breeder, look them up online or even ask for references from previous families that have adopted from them. Check out where the puppies were raised, and how the parents are kept. If you see any red flags, like poor conditions, head back to the shelter and adopt!

Also, especially with this particular mix, ask about any testing that was done on the parents. A reliable breeder would have made sure the parents did not have underlying health issues. 

Is an Aussiedoodle right for you?

Here are a few key takeaways to help you decide:

Aussiedoodles make fantastic family pets! They are loyal and energetic. They love kids and other animals too!
One of the smartest breeds, due to the intelligence of their parent breeds, these guys really enjoy agility activities and working their brain. 
Herding is in them! Watch out or they may try to herd your kids! Early training can definitely help with this. 
Their size varies quite a bit due to the variation of their Poodle parent, they can be toy size all the way up to a large dog!
They may be easier for those with allergies to handle, although never count on any dog being completely hypoallergenic!

Do you have an Aussiedoodle? Share your thoughts and experiences below!

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