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Wife Sends Husband To Store, Comes Home With Dog Thrown From Car Leave a comment

Imagine walking out of your local Dollar General store and witnessing a dog being thrown out of a car and left behind as the vehicle speeds away. That’s precisely the scene one man encountered when he came across a Pit Bull he later named Hammie. Despite the shocking sight, the man decided to take Hammie home to his family and provide him with the love and care he so desperately needed. Hammie was initially hesitant to go with his rescuer but eventually warmed up to him. When they arrived home, it was clear that Hammie had been well taken care of, with a shiny coat and trimmed nails. Hammie’s abandonment made no sense whatsoever.


The man and his wife took Hammie to the vet for a checkup, where they discovered he didn’t have a microchip. They posted Hammie’s story on social media, hoping to find his previous owners, but nobody reached out. The first few days were tough for Hammie. He spent most of his time sleeping, curled up on a rug in the family’s bedroom. He was extremely nervous, panicking whenever his new family stepped away.


It seemed as though Hammie was afraid of being abandoned once more. He remained a nervous dog. He held onto pillows and nursed them for comfort. He even made biscuit-like motions with his paws. Hammie also had some triggers, such as barking at specific images or people. His family tried to avoid these triggers to keep him calm.

Despite his anxiety, Hammie was like a big, lovable teddy bear. It took about a week for him to allow his family to put a harness on him and walk him outside. But once Hammie put his trust in his parents, his transformation truly began. What seemed to help Hammie the most was the presence of the other dogs in the house. They appeared to give him a sense of confidence and comfort, allowing him to become more at ease in his new environment. And as time went on, Hammie’s loving personality began to shine through.


Hammie loves his new family, including the children and other dogs in the household. He has a quirky personality, snatching shoes and running around the house, playfully enticing his family to chase him. He’s transformed into a completely different dog, always wanting to snuggle and be close to his family. Hammie’s big, floppy ears are therapeutic to pet, and he’s always by his family’s side, whether they’re doing chores or relaxing.

Though his past remains a mystery, Hammie has found a loving home where he can thrive and be a cherished member of the family. His journey from being abandoned in a parking lot to becoming a happy, loving dog is a testament to the power of compassion and the impact a loving home can have on a dog’s life.

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