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Patrolmen Lower Shipping Container To Inspect From 25 Feet Up, Snout Pops Out Leave a comment

Connie the Container Dog’s story is sweeping the nation after a unique and harrowing rescue took place. While the marine inspectors with the U.S. Coast Guard patrolled Port Houston during their daily checks, the officers heard scratching and barking coming from inside a shipping container during a random inspection. The container was stacked 25 feet up. They used a crane to lower the receptacle down. Baffled and bewildered, they pried the door open and saw a little snout pop out. How did Connie get in there in the first place?


The officers explain in the video below that the pup was trapped inside the container for a week without food or water! Her survival is a miracle. One officer told KHOU 11 News, “I know she must have been scared in there. We heard crying and barking, but as soon as we opened it, she just turned into this loving, happy puppy. Once we realized that it was actually a dog in the container, we were shocked! You could see it on her face that she was so happy to see us and see a human being that was ready to help her from being trapped.”


The officer’s likelihood of finding the dog proved that fate exists. Among tens of thousands of containers, they happen to inspect Connie’s. This pup surely has a Guardian Angel! Connie was freed and was given food and water. Two officers fell in love with the dog but knew that their busy lives and full homes would get in the way of giving Connie the attention she deserves.


A rescue group, Forever Changed Animal Rescue, stepped in and took Connie where they will get her healthy and find her a forever home. We have no doubt she will find one quickly. Thank you to the marine inspectors with the U.S. Coast Guard Sector Houston-Galveston! To see Connie’s full story, check out the video below.

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