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Mother Dog Carries Her Babies To A House That Had Its Lights On Leave a comment

Living inside every mother’s heart is boundless dedication to nurturing her offspring and ensuring their well-being with a joyful upbringing. This natural maternal instinct is just as strong in canine mothers, particularly those who struggle to survive and protect their young. This is especially true for a precious Pit Bull that has captured our hearts. A resident of Chattanooga, Tennessee, noticed a female Pit Bull around her neighborhood.

She had lived in a known ‘drug house’ and was abandoned by her owners when they moved. Though the woman provided food for the dog on multiple occasions, she soon realized the pup sought something far more significant.


Upon discovering the dog nursing her hungry puppies close to her home, the woman’s compassion was exemplified, prompting her to arrange a safe space for the canine family, though she knew they needed more help than she could provide. The woman then captured a video of the mother dog with her pups and sent it to someone she believed could assist further. Audray Luck, the compassionate founder of Luck’s Rescue, received the message and immediately traveled to Chattanooga.

When Luck arrived she witnessed the mother dog displaying unwavering trust and affection. The sweet dog came bounding over and leaped into Luck’s arms. Observing her unwavering positivity, Luck aptly named her Happy. Happy had once known the warmth of a home, but after being abandoned, she was forced to fend for herself. She later gave birth to seven puppies, managing their care on her own until she moved the puppy family to a residential area, likely because she understood that she needed human intervention.


“Happy just aimed to ensure her pups were well-fed and healthy,” shared Luck with Cuddle Buddies. Moved by Happy’s plight, Luck committed to brightening the future for Happy and her offspring. She swiftly secured a foster home for the puppies, while Happy remained under her care for a short period.

Happy showed concern for her separated puppies, according to Luck. Yet, it wasn’t long before Happy, too, was placed in a foster home, where she was enveloped in love and care, aiding her recovery from life’s hardships. Luck later delighted Happy with a visit, reuniting her with her puppies– an encounter that filled Happy with immense joy. Although Happy and her puppies eventually had to find their paths, Happy’s capacity to love remained undiminished despite her past ordeals. In fact, Luck posted a video of Happy being, well, happy, on the rescue’s Instagram page, and it’s totally adorable.

“Despite everything, she’s still eager to share love,” Luck observed with joy. In her foster home, Happy not only cherished moments with her new family but also formed a special bond with a bunny friend.

Now, life smiled upon Happy once again, with only a loving forever home standing between her and the ultimate happiness. Given her heartwarming journey, there’s little doubt that Happy will soon captivate the heart of someone willing to offer her the everlasting love and security she deserves. Thank you to the kind woman and Luck’s Rescue for helping this Pit Bull family find their happily ever after.

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