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Goldador puppy

Goldador Dog Breed Guide: Everything to Know about thhe Golden Retriever/Labrador Mix Leave a comment

What a spectacular combination of breeds! A Golden Retriever and a Labrador! Fun, energetic, smart, strong and loyal, just to name a few highlights to this mix breed. A Goldador makes an excellent family member, but also, an amazing therapy dog.

They possess all the best qualities of their parent breeds, along with a reduced risk of cancer, sadly known to affect many Goldens. Goldadors are actually a very popular choice for many charity dog organizations. They are reliable, trainable, calm and loving. 

Goldador dog fast facts


Average Weight75 lbs Average Height24 inchesHypoallergenic?NoCoatShorter than their parent GoldensSheddingYesGroomingModerateBarkingNo more than averageGood with kids?Absolutely!Good with cats?YesGood with other dogs?YesTolerates being alone For short times but may get destructive from anxiety or boredomTolerates apartment lifeYesTrainingVery trainablePeople pleaser?Absolutely Exercise NeedsHighHealth ConcernsMinimalLife Span10-12 yearsAverage costAbout $600-$800

Fun Goldador Facts

Goldadors are the top choice for guide dogs for the blind! 

These pooches make fantastic therapy dogs and service dogs of all kinds, due to their high trainability and desire to please. 

They even make great bomb sniffing dogs too! 


These beautiful breeds were crossed to create a version even more versatile than their parents. By weeding out some of the health concerns, especially lowering the rate at which they can get cancer (as is so prevalent in our beloved Goldens…), these pups are the best of both breeds.

Happy, fun, energetic and just wanting to be your best friend, these guys will also be fantastic in service. They are a top breed for therapy dogs, service dogs and working dogs too. 


Remember, physical appearance of mixed-breed dogs really varies and depends on which genes come through. That said, Goldens and Labs are fairly similar to begin with, so it’s a smidge easier to predict a Goldador’s appearance.

Goldador puppy

Let’s start with the Golden Retriever 

These regal dogs have a signature appearance known to and loved by many! They have a strong, powerful body. They have alertness and self confidence in their eyes. These are large dogs, measuring at 22-24 inches high and weighing typically between 60-75 lbs, depending if they are male or female. 

Their coat is actually water repellent. It can be straight or wavy as well. They have a beautiful golden color, appearing is all shades of gold, from very light, all the way to quite dark. 

Now on to the Labrador…

Labs are robust and strong dogs. They are a very muscular and active breed. They typically weigh 60-75 lbs and stand about 22-24 inches high. They have a very short, close knit coat. They have a rough, coarse feel to their coat as well. The most common colors to see in a Lab are black, yellow and brown. 

When you combine a Golden Retriever and a Labrador…

Sooo cute! These guys are large dogs (obviously…) but not overly huge! They have relatively short coats, compared to Golden Retrievers too. They usually inherit the double coat of their Lab parents. They have the cutest floppy ears!

They still have that strong body of their parents, with long legs and broad shoulders. Their tails tend to have some feathering, from their Golden parent. They also come in several colors! They can be various shades of golden or yellow, but you will also see tan, brown and black Goldadors too!


Goldens and Labs are two of the most popular dog breeds for a reason. Both breeds have amazing personalities.

Let’s start with the Golden Retriever again…

These pups are extremely happy and friendly. They are loyal and trustworthy as well. They rarely act timid or frightened. And you will almost never see a Golden Retriever be angry!

They were most used early on to retrieve (no pun intended…) for hunters. They were also used widely as gundogs. 

Now on to the Labrador…

Workaholics! Labs are known for being reliable, strong workers! They are smart and energetic and ready to take on any task needed by their owner. They were born to please and have shown they are good at it! Hunting and fishing are not a challenge for them! Early on, they were bred as gundogs too. 

When you combine a Golden Retriever and a Labrador…

Of course, these pups will be a combo of their parents, and whichever parents traits dominate, those will shine through more. However, both Goldens and Labs have similar personalities! 

These guys and gals are highly social! They get excited to meet new people and are not afraid of strangers. They are loyal and committed to their families and love being included in all the activities. They are highly intelligent and learn easily too! This is why they also make fantastic therapy dogs. 

They love kids and will be fine with other animals too, especially if they are exposed to them from a young age. Early socialization and group settings will help ensure your pup is eager to be with others! 

Goldador puppy


Goldadors are pretty easy to train! They are extremely smart and eager to learn. They enjoy pleasing their owner and will work hard to do so! Training early, from a young age, and being consistent will prove to be best for your family and your pup!

If these dogs learn their strength and size early, they are much less likely to topple over the neighbor just coming to the door for a cup of sugar! But even so, they just want to say hi! Goldadors, along with their parent breeds, are extremely good service dogs, bomb sniffers and therapy dogs! 


This mixed breed definitely tends to be on the healthy side! They are at much lower risk to the ailments that affect their parent breeds. You should watch out for joint issues, though. This can pop up with these Goladors.

A tip for helping to prevent this is regular exercise (did I mention that already?…). Keeping your furry friend at a healthy weight, with regular exercise and a healthy diet, will definitely help keep their joints healthy too! 



These cute pups have a lot of energy! They will play and chase all day long! They are great companions for hiking the trail, riding along the canal and running the beach! Having a closed in space outside will allow them to run and use those long legs!

They will enjoy regular walks, in addition to being able to run and play as well. If they stay inactive too long, they may channel that extra energy towards your sofa or dining room table leg….

Keep their minds and bodies active to prevent this potential destructive behavior. Agility games and activities are also something this breed would love! Giving them mental stimulation will keep them alert and engaged. And don’t forget! Bring these guys to the lake, beach, or even the pool, and they will jump right in! Splish splash! They absolutely love water! 


A very hungry guy! These pups are definitely foodies! Being a larger breed, they do need the proper balance of vitamins and minerals. They can suffer from bloat as well. Feeding them more frequent, but smaller meals, can be beneficial here!

Keeping a regular feeding and exercise schedule will be most beneficial for your furry friend. Also, consult your vet for recommendations as to the best mix of vitamins and minerals for your dog. And, of course, a large bowl of fresh water is always needed! 


Yup, they are high maintenance! They do shed, just like both parent breeds do. During their 2 heavy sheds of the year, brush them more than normal! This will help with the amount of hair flying around! Brushing them at least weekly, during low shed seasons will help keep up with all the fur. As with all dogs, oral hygiene is really important too.

Brushing their teeth on a regular basis is key to preventing tooth decay and gum disease. Also, these lovable Goldadors are not hypoallergenic. They do shed their hair and dander quite a bit! Finally, watch out for matting, especially behind the ears! Regular brushing, as mentioned above, will help keep this under control!


Goldadors will give you a solid decade of love and fun! Larger breeds tend to have a shorter lifespan than small and toy breeds, as a rule. You can expect your furry family member to live for about 10-12 years. Of course, the health of each pup varies, but, with regular trips to the vet, proper preventive care, a healthy diet and exercise, you are doing the best you can for your Goldador to live a long, healthy life!


I always recommend adopting your new best friend from a shelter! So many dogs need a second (or third…) forever home and these shelters are full of amazing pups who just want to be loved! There are a decent amount of Goldadors in shelters, due to the popularity of mixing these breeds! So, if you do have your heart set on this breed, definitely call or look at local shelters and rescues, and, with a little patience, you will most likely find one! 

This site is a fantastic resource for starting your search to rescue your newest family member! You could also check out PetFinder , a nationwide database of adoptable pets!


While I always recommend adopting or rescuing (did I already mention that??…), you can expect to pay anywhere from $400-$800 for a Goldador from a breeder. Typically they fall right around $600. But make sure to do your research! If you find a breeder, look them up online or even ask for references from previous families that have adopted from them. Check out where the puppies were raised, and how the parents are kept.

If you see any red flags, like poor conditions, head back to the shelter and adopt! Also, especially with this particular breed, ask about any testing that was done on the parents. A reliable breeder would have made sure the parents did not have underlying health issues. 

Is a Goldador right for you?

A few key takeaways…

These guys are absolutely fantastic additions to families. They get along well with kids and other animals, especially when they are exposed to various people and situations from a young age. 

They have tons of energy! Make sure you have several hours a day to devote to their exercise. This can include walks, a fenced in back yard for fetch, mind agility games and more! 

Bring your Goldador near water, expect a wet pup who will come share the love all over you!

Being sure to feed them a healthy, well balanced diet is key to managing their weight. This is also super important to prevent common joint issues down the road. 

They have quite the coat! They will shed and make a mess! Especially during their 2 high shed seasons. Regular brushing will help, of course, but expect a lot of fur from your furry family member. 

If you have the time, space and patience to exercise and groom these beautiful dogs, they will give your family many years of love and devoted companionship!


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