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Elderly Street Dog Brings Dad To Tears When Asked ‘What Does She Mean To You’ Leave a comment

When asked, “What does Lady mean to you?” Her dad replies, “Hope. Miracles.” Such a moving statement for a man who truly loves the dog who changed his life. Senior dog Lady was found on the street, barely able to walk. She was covered in filth, ravaged by ticks and fleas. Rescuers got to her just in time!


Despite her condition, Lady used all her might to wag her tail. She managed to move the tip slightly. At this point, her rescuers realized she had the will to live. The kind humans were unsure if she had a spinal injury because she could only drag her legs around. They went to work immediately to bathe her and treat her for parasites.


Once at the vet, Lady was diagnosed with a broken hip. The poor girl must have been suffering! With proper treatment, Lady was finally well enough to walk, but she would never be 100%. The old dog smiled as she took her first steps that didn’t cause significant pain.


Lady had a “new lease on life.” She was a happy old girl, which made everyone around her jump for joy. Lady, at last, had a new chapter ahead of her! Especially when she met her dad Jamie. What her dad does to bring her home is incredible! Check out the video below to meet Lady and see her heartwarming story.

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