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Dog With No Concept Of Personal Space Clings To His Humans Twenty-Four-Seven Leave a comment

Meet Prince, a lovable Pit Bull who has no idea what personal space is and loves to be the center of attention. This adorable dog has become his family’s world thanks to his playful antics and his affectionate personality. From stealing his humans’ belongings to joining in on workout sessions, Prince is always eager to be a part of the action.


Prince’s journey began when he was rescued by Krista’s college-aged son, who noticed his shy and nervous demeanor. However, once he was introduced to the family’s other dogs, Prince began to come out of his shell. Now, he’s a playful goofball who has captured their hearts.

One of Prince’s most endearing quirks is his love for putting his head on top of his humans. He does this all the time, wanting to know what everyone is up to and not wanting to miss out on anything. This adorable guy also has a propensity for stealing various items, from socks to sports bras.


When it comes to working out, Prince is always ready to join in. He particularly enjoys participating in planks and push-ups, often adding extra weight by climbing on top of his family members. Despite the unexpected workout interruptions, his family can’t help but give in to his adorable antics and shower him with affection.

Prince currently lives with his Dad, Krista’s son, in Chicago, while his “grandparents” reside in Texas. After being apart for nearly three months, the family recently reunited, and Prince’s excitement was palpable. His wagging tail and big smile were clear indicators of just how much he missed his loved ones.


For those who didn’t grow up with dogs, Prince’s story is proof that dogs make the most awesome companions! His loving, goofy nature and playful personality have made him an irreplaceable part of his family, and his antics continue to bring joy to his favorite people.

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