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Blind 18-Yr-Old Dog That Went Missing Three Years Ago Smells His Mom’s Skin Leave a comment

Binky at the age of 15, vanished, leaving his family in a state of distress. During a period when they were transitioning to a new home, Binky disappeared in the process. They paused everything they were doing to search for their cherished dog. The family clung to the hope that Binky’s microchip would lead to his discovery. Despite delaying their move as much as possible, they eventually had to relocate. Three years lapsed, and with heavy hearts, the family accepted that they might never embrace their dear Binky again.


Unbeknownst to them, a stroke of fortune was about to change their lives. A compassionate individual found Binky wandering the streets of Summerville, South Carolina, in poor condition and contacted Dorchester Paws for assistance. The rescue was stunned. Binky’s fur was so matted that they couldn’t even see his eyes. In fact, they weren’t sure if he even had eyes! His nails were so severely overgrown that they curled in on themselves. He smelled terrible, and his teeth were rotten. The team promptly arranged for his veterinary care.


The vet team shaved his matted fur, allowing Binky to finally see again. They began treating his ailments, to which he responded with bravery and friendliness, endearing himself to everyone. Upon completing his medical treatment, a scan revealed Binky’s microchip, thrilling the veterinary team with the discovery that he had a family.

They made a call informing Binky’s family of his discovery and their story left them in disbelief and overjoyed. The rescue and his family were amazed that Binky had survived on his own for so long, especially at his advanced age. They had no idea how he ended up so far away from the family’s original home in Georgia. The shelter staff eagerly prepared for their reunion.

Despite living six hours away, the shelter team happily drove Binky home. His family, unable to contain their emotions, embraced him tearfully. Binky, now mostly blind and deaf, recognized his family through their scent after three years, visibly content and affectionate in their presence.


Despite his sensory impairments, Binky felt the love of his family, who showered him with care and adoration, ensuring he felt cherished. Check out the full story in the video below.

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