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Big ‘Floofy’ Dog Wandered Into A Live Weather Broadcast And Steals The Spotlight Leave a comment

Being a weatherman involves forecasting the unforeseen, yet one New England meteorologist could never have predicted the delightful interruption of a big, fluffy dog during his early weekend weather segment. As one might imagine, this playful canine immediately captured the audience’s attention, turning a routine broadcast into an unexpectedly joyful moment.

Initially surprised by the furry intruder, the weatherman swiftly adapted to the situation, embracing the humor and spontaneity of the moment. He cleverly incorporated the dog into the weather report, proving that sometimes, the most memorable forecasts are those that come with a touch of unpredictability and a dash of canine charm.

Josh Judge was in the midst of a live broadcast, delivering an early morning weather update to New England viewers, predicting some sunshine ahead, when unexpectedly, a dog zipped across the screen behind him.

“It was early in the morning, and all I knew was that as I was doing the weather, I suddenly see a dog walking behind,” shared Josh.

Though taken aback at first by the sudden appearance of the dog, Josh, a seasoned professional well-versed in the dynamics of live television, quickly regained his composure. With a light-hearted chuckle, he seamlessly integrated the unexpected guest into his segment, demonstrating his adeptness at handling live broadcast surprises.

“My brain was like, Did a dog just walk behind you? I had to pause for a microsecond to make sure that’s what I had just seen,” he said.


Unbeknownst to Josh, Bella, the majestic Newfoundland owned by weekend anchor Amy Covena, was in the studio for a segment spotlighting veterinarians. Bella’s unexpected dash across the screen could have been sparked by her eagerness for a bit of limelight or perhaps an irresistible allure emanating from Josh.

Contrary to what one might expect from a dog in a novel and stimulating environment—filled with the potential for overexcitement manifesting in barks and leaps—Bella remained composed and dignified, showcasing her breed’s renowned calmness and grace.

“I was terrified that Josh would be mad at me or that I would get in trouble at work. But Josh is a PRO. We’ve worked together for 10 years and he made her part of the forecast,” said Amy.

The delightful encounter between the charming canine and the weatherman wasn’t just a hit among the studio cast and crew. As the endearing clip began circulating, it swiftly captured the hearts of viewers far and wide, propelling it to viral status on YouTube, where it has amassed over 858,000 views.

“Our viewers seemed to really enjoy the surprise,” said Amy.

You can check-out the smile-inducing video clip, below.

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