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25 Best Foods for Goldendoodles with Allergies Leave a comment

Dealing with your Goldendoodle’s food allergies can be beyond frustrating! We asked our 800,000 members of Goldendoodle community on facebook the following question: “Those of you with Goldendoodles who have allergies…. what food do you use and why?” We received hundreds of replies, and summarized the top 25 responses here.

As always, be sure to consult your veterinarian before making any health changes to your Goldendoodle’s diet. iHeartDogs is reader supported, so some of the links below may be affiliate links where we receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

25 Best Dog Foods for Goldendoodles with Allergies

My dog was allergic to everything too. Licking her paws and her butt ALL THE TIME. Endless ear infections on which I spent thousands!!! And the only thing that helped was hydrolyzed protein dog food from royal canin And cytopoint

Author: Sophie D.

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My doodle has to avoid everything chicken – even treats that are chicken flavored. We feed her Zignature Lamb. There are so many dogs who are allergic to chicken.

Author: Michele M.

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I use this for my golden doodle who has allergies. I get it at Petco. The vet told me salmon is best. Good luck

Author: Ann Marie M.

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No chicken No beef. Try the NutriSource Seafood for adult dogs. It’s expensive but worth it.

Author: Jennifer L.

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Vital Essentials Raw Frozen Rabbit. Rabbit is a very good protein for dogs that have allergies. Its comes in a patty. All you have to do is defrost it. It has all the vitamins and minerals you need in it. Duck is also very good. Chicken is the number one dog allergy per my dermatologist. Stay away from the kibbles. Your dog can also be reacting to the other ingredients in there so its really hard to figure out what is causing the problem. Believe me I spent years trying to figure out what was causing my dogs GI and skin issues. This solved all his problems.

Author: Beth P.

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Talk to you vet. You could do an alimentation diet. I found our doodle can’t have ANYTHiNG chicken related. Turkey is fine. He’s on Purina smartblends turkey and venison and his ear infections have gone.

Author: Nikki Ross J.

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I haven’t done allergy tests, only done the intolerance testing and mine came back highly intolerant of Salmon and I was giving her that cause I thought it was the best for her skin! I stopped all salmon and she is showing noticable signs of doing better. I know some people have some very strong opinions on the intolerance tests, but it seems to be helping me figure some things out. Because of my experience I would not personally suggest anything to you for your baby. I would say at the very least do the intolerance test. They might be highly intolerant to the very thing everyone is suggesting, like mine was.

Author: Tabitha H.

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We use Purina sensitive stomach for puppies lamb. We tried at least 10 different varieties and brands before we finally found this works. Ours can’t have chicken, peanut butter or cheese. Seems to be allergic to everything. Most expensive puppy we’ve ever owned. We still love him though and wouldn’t change him for the world!

Author: Mary A.

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Taste of the Wild Salmon

Author: Lisa Capps H.

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Do not do anything with chicken or chicken by products. A lot of doodles are allergic to foods with chicken products in them. I feed IAMS dry for my Doodle.

Author: Sandi Barenie R.

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I have a white goldendoodle that was having repeat ear infections and was told several different foods. I tried a bunch and none of them worked. My uncle said try good old dog chow and it WORKED!

Author: Kayleana M.

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Science Diet Z/D prescription food. Our Westie had allergy testing because his allergies were so bad he liked his paws raw. He took allergy shots for a year. It worked well for him.

Author: Sherry B.

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We feed NurtiSource, they have different varieties which I like.

Author: Jennie C.

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Purina pro plan salmon and rice for sensitivity.

Author: Janice H.

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Author: Mark S.

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I have a dog that has a very sensitive stomach and seems to be allergic to everything. I feed him Rachael Ray Limited Ingredient dog food. We get the lamb and brown rice.

Author: Jason M.

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I have been buying Purina lamb or fish one

Author: Michelle D.

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I use Victor teal bag and put a pump of salmon on their food.

Author: JoAnn M.

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Zignature dog foods work well for our GP’s and all their food allergies, but red meat versions only, no chicken.

Author: Rhonda Brockett W.

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We found out our goldendoodle was actually allergic to chicken and so much has chicken in it! We have found fromm has been the best!

Author: Faina I.

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We finally found Fromm Trout and whitefish and it worked. There’s also a vet only food that might help. Good luck-it’s hard

Author: Mimi Stine C.

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Purina Pro hydrolyzed vegetarian.. did wonders for my Labradoodle

Author: Cynde A.

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Our doodle has a dermatologist. This is what they recommended for her. Food allergies are gone!

Author: Karyn B.

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My doodle has had home cooked by a nutritionist from UT vet school and still had bad issues. We did a prescription hydrolyzed diet and he was okay then switched to Zignature Select Cuts lamb and he has been fine ever since. It has ancient grains and is single protein. Never had a recall and has added taurine and such for added coverage. His gut is better than ever! He cannot do grain free Zignature though…has to be the Select cuts with ancient grains. Chewy is where we buy it. (He could not do raw either.)

Author: April H.

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No chicken at all! If you’ll out a little oil (olive, coconut or any kind) in the food and a tiny bit of cinnamon, the skin issues should stop. You can google the benefit of oil and cinnamon in a dogs diet. I have 3 doodles and this works for all of them. I feed them Purina ProPlan lamb sensitive stomach. Make sure you feed grains. Doodles do not do well on no grain diets. Ask your vet and they will confirm that.

Author: Carolyn Wilson C.

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As always, be sure to consult your veterinarian before making any health changes to your Goldendoodle’s food. iHeartDogs is reader supported, so some of the links above may be affiliate links where we receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

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